will the game be rng based?

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should AoA be rng based?

  1. yes

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  2. nope

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  3. maybe some parts of the game

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  4. Well, duh!

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  1. Byrat

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    Nov 19, 2015
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    i personally do like rng...because for me its worth failing 10 times in a row but then getting super exited once i finally acomplished my goal.

    but since black desert i know that there are also alot of people aiganst it.

    i really think that some rng improves the game when its done correcly, because it makes the game feel more realistic.
    i sadly dont know how to make use of rng in a mmorpg properly but letting people grind the same low mobs for 2 weeks, isnt the right way (black D.... :shifty:)
  2. Denian

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    Aug 11, 2015
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    Damn, deep topics. Prepare for a rant.

    First, if you meant anything specific by saying "RNG based", please say so. RNG = Random Number Generator can just be a 50% chance for you to get an extra reward after a quest... Which is probably not what you meant. Meaning: throwing out a generic term doesn't get you anywhere.

    Now, since you started with a generic question, I will counter with a technical answer: We don't have the necessary experience in the team for a completely RNG based game.

    A game needs to be balanced on several levels. In an MMORPG, that includes (among others):
    • Character growth. Too fast and it's boring, too slow and it's frustrating.
    • If there are character classes/jobs: Battle capability. That's actually two problems, because there's PvE balance and PvP balance, both of which depend on lots of factors.
    • If there are skills: Skill balance. The game needs to be playable even with the absolute worst skill set, but not too easy even with the best.
    • Economy. How much money do you get from monsters vs. how expensive are items vs. how badly do you need those items... Oh, and if there are player owned shops, that problem escalates significantly.
    • Story vs. Freedom. I still maintain that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X are examples of a perfect balance in this aspect: The story is captivating and it's possible (if hard) to just play through and follow the main quest, but at any time, you can also decide to leave the path for a while, grind, do some side quests, enjoy the scenery... Problem is, this is significantly harder to do for MMOs.
    • Atmosphere. That alone is complex, because it actually includes the art style, music, NPC "society", the general kind of quests available... If the atmosphere is inconsistent, the game will be confusing and hard to enjoy.
    • End Game Balance.
    Throw randomness into any of these and you should plan several months - or years - of extra development time to rebalance the game, because if it isn't balanced, players will leave.

    If you mean the usual crafting/enchanting/... RNG stuff, well, I'll let the others answer that one. Still, RNG is part of so many game mechanics - and can unbalance so many other mechanics - that asking "will it be RNG based" is like asking "will it have graphics". Yes, it will.

    As a side note, grinding is part of RPGs. If you can't grind, it's not an RPG. If you don't need to grind... ok, that's debatable, but in my opinion, it's not an RPG. If you grind for two weeks and get nothing out of it, you're either very dedicated or you chose the wrong game.
  3. SplitzBlxnk


    Jul 13, 2020
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    "Character growth. Too fast and it's boring, too slow and it's frustrating."
    I can understand the to slow part, but the to fast and it's boring doesn't make to much sense to me because if the game gets updated fast enough people wouldn't really grow that fast.
    "If there are skills: Skill balance. The game needs to be playable even with the absolute worst skill set, but not too easy even with the best."
    In the anime the skills were not made to be balanced. For example: Battle Healing was made so that if you have the stats put into it you are just about invincible.

    That is just my opinion though so take it how you want.