Variety in armor/clothing

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    The Majority of MMORPG's these days have 4 different outfits provided to F2P players and that is as fair as the play can go in terms of modifying what their character is wearing visibly without them having to pay for cosmetics. I believe customization is essential in any MMORPG and allowing characters to be more unique post-character creation is a great way of retaining players, as we know that more customization makes it easier for the player to develop a connection to their character.
    I suggest that you give a wide variety of cosmetic options, wether combat-wear or casual-wear, to the player to help them develop their characters further. I appreciate that adding a large amount of items could be time-consuming for a small-indie team, so I am not saying add 100 different sets of clothing. However I am suggesting that the player should not be short of options regarding their players attire. A good example of this would be Runescape. I only played Old School so I can't talk about the latest version, however they had all armor types look noticeably different and the players could also get a variety of casual wear from stores.

    Do you think this is feasible for you guys to implement or would this have to be done after the main release? Or not at all?
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