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  1. Pretty cool but made the bot censor Drackie in general so yeah, cant let the censorship of dabs go unnoticed.
    -10/10 would not recommend unless you like China.

    1. rasmus15951
    2. VectorAlpha


      sorry man, wouldve rate you positively but you did censor the kiwidab.

  2. Been a while, my man. Hope you've been well.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Leo


      Ship Nomad X rasmus15951
    3. rasmus15951


      Sorry I'm already shipped with someone :^)
    4. Glacyn


      Sorry Nomad, he's taken :^)
  3. Happy birthday sin!
    1. Assassin


      Thanks Ras c: :D
  4. Happy Birthday/Monday den!
    1. Denian


      Thank you, and a happy Monday to you, too!
  5. Happy bday draubot :D
  6. Congrats on reaching lvl 17, you'll be lvl 18 before you know it :D
  7. Totally not a day late, but Happy Birthday :D
  8. hi friend how is your day going?
    1. rasmus15951


      Going good, nice with holidays :D You?
    2. Chaz


      Same here! :) Holidays are nice!
  9. https://i.imgur.com/jVYze2P.jpg See. Told you.
    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Stluffy


      belittle me more
    3. Kasegawa


      I know you like it
    4. rasmus15951


      ...What's happened on my profile while I looked away?
  10. Following because "Botters United 2016"
  11. Totally wasn't your birthday yesterday and not today, so Happy birthday :D
  12. I guess I'll say a late happy birthday, because I'm in a good mood
  13. Guess who's reading the Terafuwa story again :D
    1. Terallian


      Cringe to your heart's delight :'D
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