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  1. hey ur kinda cute
  2. HEY ITS BEEDNA WHILE ADD ME https://steamcommunity.com/id/gugigang
  3. hi dad it's been like 2 years
    1. Kathrall


      How are you, my child
    2. Frgotenpower


      Dad where have you been?
  4. holy frombus you're still alive? haha same
  5. YO WHAT. Holy shit guys. It's been over 2 years since i found this site
  6. Happy birthday to me.
  7. I completely forgot about AOA.
    1. sherou


      welcome black
    2. sherou


      damn it , i mean welcome "back"
    3. TVG_Gman


      lmao racist
  8. Wait anon is not trunks anymore :O
    1. Anon


      For now still waiting for April to come so I can change my profile pic once more before going back to Trunks.
    2. TVG_Gman
  9. Since when were you 14.
    1. fancy


      Since like.... 80-90 days ago.....?
    2. TVG_Gman
  10. Plz join my new guild
  11. YOU ARE CRONA I watched soul eater and finally get that
  12. Now go! Let the legend come back to life.
  13. here comes the money
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