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  1. DPR we gang gang, reppin everyday-ay, I ain’t feelin them fakess
  2. "Did you get taller? Oh, I know, it's because you're not looking down anymore."
  3. Pokemon GO to hell
  4. Imouto
    1. Senji


      SAOFFYYYYYYY *flying glomp tackles Saoffy* ;w;
    2. SAOFreak


      How are you, my little pear?
    3. Senji


      I'm not little anymore D; I'm guuuuuud, youuuuu?
  5. Oi where are you buddyyyyyy
    1. SAOFreak
    2. Senji


      .o. Saoffy's alive? ;~;
  6. Saofreak/Brian my clannad buddy
  7. HALLO YELLOW!!!!!
  8. Merry Christmas!
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