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Eray Ergi

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Eray Ergi last won the day on July 31 2020

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  • Birthday 03/23/1996

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  1. Happy Birthday! :D
  2. "I am... One hell of a butler."
    1. Thaum


      Lmao, I need a maid outfit
    2. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      if we're gonna do a maid cafe, damn right you do :D :D :D
  3. Happy Birthday! Also no posts on this page for a year RIP....
    1. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      thanks :D haven't had a reason to post here something for a whole year O.o
  4. Happy Birthday man :D
  5. Nobody is following me, nice desu ne :D
  6. Happy Birthday :D you remind me of the environmental club I am in at school!
    1. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      Thank you man :D
  7. Commence operations!
    1. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      Aye aye Captain!
  8. Hue
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      ..... (Telepathic Tenno Laugh)
    3. Kasegawa


      ...... (Telepathic Tenno grin with a finer gun)
    4. Eray Ergi

      Eray Ergi

      .... (Telepathic Tenno Warning: This Tenno will be online for an hour, every Tenno who is able to come must be there)
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