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  1. I ate my status ._.
  2. Hi Leo. I just remembered another question: Will you be able to open shop like Agil or Liz in the show? Thanks in advance ^^
    1. Leo


      Yes, you probably will!
    2. Lithimlin


      Wohooo!! :D
    3. Anon


      Yes and you will have to pay taxes and keep working and the next thing you know you are out on the street with no money and then your wife leaves you and you try to keep your children but the court decides that the mother gets the children :(
  3. Hey there. I've got a quick question: In the FAQ there were livestreams mentioned. When will they be? Regards Lith
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lithimlin


      Thanks a lot. I knew that they have the streams there and I already followed. I was just wondering if they do it at certain times like once a month or so. ^^ Thanks again. By the way, do you need translators for the game/do you even want the game to be translated? Lith
    3. Illyon


      We will maybe recruit translators after the game has seen its full public release. Right now, we've got other things to focus on than translation patches.
    4. Lithimlin


      Alright ^^ Thanks for the info :D I'm so excited :)
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