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  1. Loneliness is silence. But silence is soundless. No harmony, no music. The emptiness of the air in my sleep. All I need is a beloved whisper
  2. Mischief is art through complex schemes. Kindness is wonder out of simple things. They oddly balance each other perfectly.
  3. Happy birthday Kaze!
    1. Tokikaze


      Thank you, Hano :D
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Bday, Kase. 21, eh?
  6. "Panem et circenses" or Hunger Games? Hmm...
    1. Panem


      Hunger Games :)
  7. "22nd Floor of Aincrad" The Hisoka I know is definitely not from there.
    1. Tokikaze


      I didn't take the name from Hunter x Hunter. Just random searches :D
    2. Pehetutz


      OwO Ah I see. Nice searching then.
  8. Seamless road. Unbelievable sight. As the cold and tender embrace of winter comes...
  9. I don't give a darn at the sb ban. I'm overfangirling over Mahoutsukai no Yome. Chise, whyyyyyyyyy?!
  10. I want an everlasting love...but it's kind of difficult to grasp if the mind is constantly focused on that...
    1. Leind
    2. Tokikaze


      One of my usual poetry moment. Don't mind it
  11. If you look at the stars, you'll eventually...What the hell are you reading?It doesn't matter to you, does it?
  12. Okita, were you always using that pic?I don't know if it's ChaoticMonki or not...
    1. Okita


      Yup. Been usin it for the last couple of years. Ya ain't wrong tho, it is him lul
    2. Tokikaze
  13. I can't express my feelings awake...but, somehow, I manage to do that in my dreams...
    1. Tokikaze


      What the heck did I write?!? ...Me and my sleepy mind...
  14. I'm out of ideas...anyone want me to write some short stories? Give me four keywords for the story.
    1. Lavan


      Shout Box always dead
    2. Revan3917


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