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Welcome to Age of Aincrad

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  1. come back, man. we love you!

  2. Welcome to the AoA forums!
  3. Welcome to Age of Aincrad!
  4. Welcome to Age of Aincrad Forums!
  5. TY Devs for continuing to work and develop such a great game!
  6. So whats the thing for the VIP's
  7. Only 4 more days boys!
    1. betaSAV


      3 more days !!! https://gyazo.com/a7e55294c169a422ca164daabfd04417
  8. Question: You do know how to change your name color to the VIP color right?
    1. Frgotenpower


      No i'm sorry i do not. How do i?
    2. Anon


      Hover over your name on the top right next to the Inbox then click preferences an click on Forum Display Colour and it will let you change your names color to the whichever VIP you have bought.
  9. Only 5 more days till beta boys!
    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. betaSAV


      We must remain hopeful -Sorry for my bad english
    3. Frgotenpower


      It's fine I couldn't tell
    4. Frgotenpower
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