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  • Birthday 04/03/2000
  1. Yess. Mikus are awesome. But too rare
  2. i think Istigu already told u But just to let u know he is leaving the guild
  3. hey can you message me when you see this I need to talk to you about the guild
    1. Taokaka


      You're getting kickeeeeed!
    2. Itsigu


      Why would i get Kicked
    3. HatsuneMiku


      Lol I'll message you later
  4. Happy Birthday :D
    1. HatsuneMiku


      Aww thanks so much :D
  5. I never knew hatsune miku was male O.o *runs off to rethink his life*
    1. HatsuneMiku


      Oh crap ummmm hehe just ignore that I'm a girl don't worry hehe
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