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Zeke last won the day on April 30 2016

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  1. Ban me from the site, dipshi3.
  2. Xenowarrior, ban me.
  3. You're all fking idiots, every single one of you. I don't care who you are, fk off and don't think we're friends.
    1. Cormac


      Me? An Idiot? Impossible!
  4. Zeke

  5. I'm sorry. ;-;
  6. Happy Birthday!
    1. JayGhoul


      Thank you! Sorry I wasn't able to get on for a while... I am actually on a Mental Leave from school atm due to certain things that have been happening lately! <3 Love y'all see ya soon!
  7. Happy Birthday/Halloween! :D
  8. Everything feels like a blur now.
  9. I still love you. <3
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zeke


      I got my own beta key and downloaded it. I'll see you on the game if I can manage to run it. :)
    3. betaSAV


      I run it at 5 fps with very low settings jajaja
    4. Zeke


      Oh Dang. XD
  10. Happy Birthday, Yo.
  11. Beta! No! Don't confuse me on whether you're you or Ferfras. D:
    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Zeke


      X3 You're so cyewt naow! *hugs* Let me know if it is good. ^_^
    3. Zeke


      Idk if I ever told you yesterday, but I would feel bad if I didn't, so I wanted to make sure. Thank you for using the gif I suggested. ^^
    4. betaSAV


      It's a Kawaii gif so NP ;)
  12. Zeke

    I can't keep the hoots going without ya.
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