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  1. Pretty chad, seems to have infinite money, nice in general.

  2. Happy birthday big boy, hope to see ya around ^w^
  3. Happy Birthday! .
    1. Denian


      Thank you, Lavan!
  4. Happy birthday, I didn't know you lived in B Spa! I live in Troy :)
    1. Lavan


      Thanks. In New york for another 2 months or so, then I'm moving to San Diego
  5. Anon

    Happy Birthday!
  6. AYe, happy birthday o/
  7. #SuperDonatorVIPsMatter
  8. I wish i had a time machine so I could go back, find whoever thought 12 hour workdays were a good idea, and kill them.
    1. Anon


      Aren't 12 hour workdays illegal?
    2. Crasere


      Not in some countries. imma grab my pitchfork and torch. leggo! >:(
  9. here comes the money
  10. Rosemary 7:35 PM - Rosemary: pushes Kaze out of here. ._. Farewell., Nozomi
  11. Once Kaze says yes there will be a wedding.
  12. I better get an invite to the wedding.
  13. 6:29 PM - Kazeyuki: Rose, tell me what do you feel like for me again 6:29 PM - Rosemary: Anxiety-0.9143695764729649 Depression-0.8583332658677474 this is the same!, Kazeyuki
  14. Kazeyuki 6:28 PM - Kazeyuki: Rosey, what do you feel about me? Rosemary 6:28 PM - Rosemary: you have some weird tastes of cute...just like that, yes., Kazeyuki
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