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  • Birthday 12/10/1991
  1. https://prntscr.com/9i6ujg Merry christmas from Evil Cubbie and I ^^
  2. Bi theth tith flesssssss
  3. *shreds paper all over the room*
    1. Matvyn


      Don't shred it, use it to draw on it ouo
    2. Curry


      But what of it was wrapping paper?
    3. Matvyn


      Then you go and wrap those presents owo
  4. Happy birthday :3
    1. Curry


      Thank you ! :D
  5. *storms towards the curry*
  6. *sneaks*
    1. Matvyn


      OuO *grabs the curry* Where have you been? owo
  7. Sure, to bring children into this world and force them to work to pay to live. Q3Q
    1. Zeke


      Finally! Someone else says it. XD
  8. o3o Member since January 2014
  9. Follows the Matvyn everywhere <.<
  10. Follows the curry everywhere >w>
    1. Anon


      That's a little creepy...
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