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  1. Cashews my dudes
  2. Goodbye illyon and cormac I'll miss you. Wish me luck while I have to survive with mods like KaliTan.
  3. Happy birthday mate :^)
  4. Happy Birthday!
    1. shadowfax


      thanks to you :)
  5. In Israel rn don't let AoA die in my absence
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stluffy


      cuz the sb is 2dank mang, w3 need to #MakeAOAGreatAgain
    3. shadowfax


      Nah just the sb
    4. Stluffy


      i heard that the updates are a bit slow so ill keep an eye on that
  6. Rest in Peace
  7. I just realized one of my warnings expires in 2017, w.t.f.
  8. i feel dead inside --> finals
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