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  1. Many people die at the age of 25, and aren't buried until they are 75. - Benjamin Franklin
  2. Now then Mardy Bum, I see your frown, and its like looking down the barrel of a gun.
  3. Happy birthday Kaze!
    1. Tokikaze


      Thank you, Hano :D
  4. Serenity, what a wondrous state of mind.
  5. Happy Birthday Den-den!!
    1. Denian


      Thanks, Hano - nearly called you Han-Han, then realized that it's actually longer :D
  6. A day without laughter, is a day wasted.
    1. luigiFTW


      Ohhhh... my life makes sense now.
  7. You're my sweet disposition
  8. Jarod

    Aooo ! HB duuuuude ! Tanaka spirit with you
    1. Hano


      Thanks Jarod :)
  9. Anon

    Happy Birthday!
    1. Hano


      Thanks Anon :)
  10. Hano

    I seem to be late. Happy Birthday Storm.
  11. Hello!
    1. Hano
    2. ChronoS


      and I Following you!
  12. "On the heels of defeat, I start all over again. Failure's part of the process. You don't know where you're vulnerable until you fail."
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday!
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