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  • Birthday 07/07/1997
  1. AoA, now that's a name i haven't heard in a long time
    1. Shinjiro


      C-S, now that's a name i haven't heard in a long time
    2. Tohuki


      That's no SAO. That's AoA.
    3. betaSAV


      I think AoA is a joke from god
  2. Wachaut ebribadi c-s is rili hot!! Happy birthday :)
    1. C-S


      are you coming onto me?
    2. betaSAV


      Who knows hehehe...
  3. Happy Birthday m8 ;3
  4. Never accept the world as it appears to be,dare to see it,for what it could be.
  5. "Sees your profile pic" OwO Whats this?
    1. Kasegawa


      My large flaccid pines and testicals
    2. C-S
  6. C-S

    we played Russian roulette, 5 of us got a 24 banned while one of us got a VIP for 24 hours
  7. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BxFd0NTwQWjtUDJSd0czZFlfMVk ( my manga, if anyone wants to read it)
  8. bro,what do you think?
    1. Stirfry


      Well, the drawing look good, definitely better than what I could draw. I just have no idea what the story is supposed to be since I don't actually have microsoft word (Long story about that)... Anyways, seems like you have a lot of characters planned out! (Also love the human-Pokemon mashups) EDIT: Just noticed the Goblin, which looks fantastic!
  9. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BxFd0NTwQWjtSzV3V1V2NGoxX28 ( my manga, if anyone wants to read it)
    1. Thaum


      Lol I found Kase in the villains section.
    2. C-S


      im glad someone found it, cheeky little easter egg. don't tell her
  10. C-S

    https://prnt.sc/cd4oia : Ninja is acting weird again.
  11. https://prnt.sc/cd46wd : I think she noticed me guys
  12. my tablet won't work!
  13. "when you know your art is awful despite being told it's good"
  14. profile pic character, who dat?
    1. Kasegawa


      It's Mob :^)
    2. Anon


      mob psycho
    3. C-S


      thought so, enjoy your purple vip
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