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  1. bro, like, hello ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Caesar


      Are... are you hitting on me bro? ?

    3. Stluffy


      its not like im hitting on you, ... I just think we might have something in common onii chan

    4. Caesar


      Broooo like damn 

  2. Hey ho here we go I’m either a little too high or a little too low. Or y’know just sleep deprived ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Caesar


      Hahahaha what games?

    3. Pheryna


      some Unity games, like Labyrinthine or Folklore hunters

    4. Caesar


      Love a good horror game

  3. Mmmm that smexy excellent rating

  4. Some people ask me why I'm still here after all these years, It's as much for those that I've left behind as those that are still next to me
    1. lolcatpink


      Gotta stay for the ones who are gone.
  5. What position do you want in this guild?: DPS/Agility 3rd squad and Gatherer What is your Time zone: EST Any additional information you would like to add: I like ice cream and internet memes
  6. Name "or in-game-name": HyperSkrub Reason for joining: I want a guild, so I don’t feel alone and a reason why I fight in the world of AoA. Will you be active, "this includes the forums."?: I will be more active since I just joined today. Do you have a skype? If so what's your username?: No, but I could make one What playstyle do you intend to use?: What weapon do you plan to use: 1H swords
  7. Happy bday salad
  8. Why would a god concern themselves with the trouble of man?
    1. Bertod0


      Why would a god matter to a non-believer?
    2. Caesar


      @[15085:@Bertod0] The god would matter as little to the nonbeliever as watching the nonbeliever die would to the god.
  9. Happy Birthday b0ss!
  10. Happy birthday, boss!
  11. Don't let the flowers kill ya, also, happy birthday
  12. Excuse me but if you continue talking I will be forced to entertain myself by cutting off your limbs one by one.
  13. Where are the maids at, the cafe needs some maids :v
    1. Caesar


      Chill fam workin on em
  14. I keep getting this status effect called, "Sleep Deprevation," anyone know the reason?
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Judah


      it couldn't be too many memes, could it? is that even a thing?
    3. Caesar


      Meme oversaturation? No, that theory was disproved @[322:@Judah]
    4. Cillin


      Just take a bottle of Melatonin pills and it should remove all status effects, and probably kill you.
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