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  1. It's not too early for a Christmas avatar, isn't it?
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Happy birthday Glac ^^
    1. Glacyn


      :D Thank you Mat!
  4. https://www.strawpoll.me/13150093 | Please take this short poll to determine the future of the Community Question weekly thread!
  5. Happy Singles Awareness Day
    1. Denian


      Happy SAD to you, too :)
    2. rasmus15951
  6. https://lichess.org/fi9gQVgV 1v1 me m8
    1. Glacyn


      After Storm c:
  7. I got bored, so I made a code
  8. Happy Holidays everybody c:
    1. Chaz


      Merry Christmas to you too homie
  9. Some great things are happening!
    1. Kasegawa


      it's gonna be aight
  10. No CQ this week. CQ will resume next Friday!
  11. Has AoA ever been this dead?
    1. Kathrall


      Not since it was last like this
  12. Everything is good now!
  13. Sorry guys, no CQ this week. There's a storm coming, and I'd like to not be in any potential danger -,-
  14. I felt like changing my profile picture. Thoughts?
    1. Kasegawa


      Nozomi flashbacks. I'm triggered.
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