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  1. Happy Birthday! Don't know why I missed this :(
  2. Says it's your turn so happy birthday!
  3. does the shoutbox work for anyone?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXkhku-Zo9M
  5. [code]echo("hey" . $visitor['username'] . "!");[/code]
  6. I'm obsessed with your mask .-. ....make sure to get one like that on aoa if its possible ! haha
    1. Killjoy


      I know I ordered one online i love this MASK
  7. happy birthday eskwyre,happy birthday eskwyre,happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday eskwyre! : 3 (partyhat) (cake) (partyhat)
  8. Zenro's cool ;3
  9. you knew it, too... Bill is watching...
  10. zenro's a scrub
    1. frostedluck


      Pretty sure my skype is jackzilla121
    2. frostedluck


      if it isnt that then it is FrostedLuck
  11. when I’m through with you I just move on to the next Because I packaged it with love but I just used you for the…
    1. Nasukkin


      Illuminate confirmed o_o
    2. Darvaken
    3. Nasukkin


  12. boredom kingdom
    1. Aerion


      At least your time here is temporary , someone gave me a permanent ticket ...
    2. Darvaken
    3. Aerion


      I am forever in boredom kingdom.
  13. are you the guy i met on evony?
  14. happy birthday yammy :3
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