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Baka Kioku

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  • Birthday 12/24/1996

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  1. Disregard everything beyond this point i was but a child. Straight cringe and i am too lazy to delete everything
  2. Wonder when this games gonna come out heck.
  3. Oh wow this site changed a lot diggin it
  4. Hey buddy how you been Miss you <3
    1. Treyhax


      Sup my dude <3 talk to me on skype D:
  5. tfw you don't have a social life D;
  6. Moving to japan where the age of consent is 13 o yea
    1. Kali


      You're worse than Matvyn.
  7. Remember when you went taric top and fed? lmfaoo luv u
    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Treyhax


      i miss the ol days
    3. Treyhax


      the old days...
    4. Kathrall


      The old days have never been older
  8. I want you to explore my plum pudding love cave
    1. Judah


      @[1462:@Treyhax] Can't refuse an offer like that, now, can you?
    2. Treyhax


      No I really can't can I?
  9. poopy face
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Baka Kioku

      Baka Kioku

      U FOOKING WOT M8 u aving a gigle
    3. Kasegawa


      yis, aye aving gigle
    4. Baka Kioku

      Baka Kioku

      1v1 me Club penguin only
  10. You're awesome dude!
    1. IncredibleApollo


      Thanks! You're awesome too!
  11. Hellsing ultimate best anime of the century
    1. Fefras


      Never tell your opinions on the internet.
  12. buying Girlfriend 20g pm me
    1. Treyhax


      I'll sell her to you for some csgo skins
    2. Baka Kioku

      Baka Kioku

      I got a M4a1 knight deal?
    3. Treyhax


      gud enough
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