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About Shirubataiga

  • Birthday 05/29/1997
  1. Happy Birthday! ^^
  2. Happy Birthday! :D
  3. Happy B-day Aussie, have a G-day :D
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Provictus-chan es el mejor kouhai <3
    1. Anon


      What is this non-'Murican language. Murica > all.
  6. Did you log on and ignore my spectacular compliment to you? :c
  7. Lalalala greetings and a happy new year :D
  8. For those lonely nights... https://oniichan.net/
    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Anon
    3. Shirubataiga


      It was originally meant to redirect to AoA homepage but then someone else bought the domain lel
    4. Anon
  9. Congrats :D (so late but eh)
    1. Shirubataiga


      Thank you Fudge-chan~!
  10. Yayay~ Congrats Fuyu/Mayu! :D Tell Akaku I said hi >o<
  11. Forgot to say grats my fellow aussie c;
  12. Nice, congrats man (I'm pretty sure I met u on Minecraft or it could be someone else), Just wondering, how'd u make the banenr thing?
    1. Shirubataiga


      Thanks! Click Options underneath your profile on the top right. Scroll down and click Preferences on the left. Then enter a url for the image in "Post Banner". Also, someone made it for me in the graphics section a few forums back hahaha.
    2. KillerTacos


      Oh, well thanks, i already knew how to change the banner but I just wanted to know about urs, well, its bad ass, its really good
  13. Congrats mate!
    1. Shirubataiga


      Thank you! Much appreciated :D
  14. Gratz on forum mod bro.
    1. Shirubataiga


      Thanks Xith! I find it funny that I can report you for this hahaha
    2. Xithorus


      Lol. Well you have been around longer than me so I think you deserve the position. So again Gratz.
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