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Super Donator IncredibleApollo
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  1. Mmmm that smexy excellent rating

  2. You ESEA? Damn, hit me up!
    1. Kasegawa


      yeah but I'm god awful, buddy me on esea. Same name
    2. IncredibleApollo


      Im god awful too, dont worry
    3. Kasegawa


      pls I see your rws
  3. You're a shiet tier SA player and you should feel bad. (better win the damn tournament you cuck) <3
    1. IncredibleApollo


      wait what, lol. Ill try my best!
    2. Kasegawa


      gud, my last game was a 16-1, the key is to not used suppressed weapons. Suppressors hold you back :^}}
  4. I'm not sure what this is and I don't think you are either.
  5. Am I ever gonna recieve the 'Super Donator' status?
    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Storm


      Lotus and Lavan both had white vip tho?
    3. RainofBlackTears


      Welp... Mods think he gave enough... Gratz on having status!
    4. Anon


      Lotus never had white VIP
  6. You're awesome dude!
    1. IncredibleApollo


      Thanks! You're awesome too!
  7. Si quieres unirte al equipo, puedes mandar tu solicitud en "Join the team!" y ver si cumples con alguna posición que buscan y ya nada mas mandas la información requerida y ellos te lo haran saber
  8. Happy birthday! Hope to have you more and more years over here, thanks for everything you always do. :)
    1. Leo


      Thank you Apollo! I'm glad you feel that way ^^
  9. Why are we enemies on the Census? :[
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