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  1. Wonder if this will ever finish.
    1. Ares


      I'll always remain hopeful.
  2. Im glad despite how lonely it is here we all seem to leave a message, nice to know you assholes are still alive. #DieFasterForHealthCare
    1. Caesar


      Don’t be lonelyyyy I’m hereeee also discord, or Snapchat me lol
    2. lolcatpink


      pm your snap
  3. Why do the weak have to fight so hard? Cant we just be left alone or finished off...
  4. Taking a "long" nap.
  5. We have all been here to long, it's like a marriage. We expected alot and got nothing lmao
  6. You’re a pineapple But a very gay pineapple ❤️❤️
  7. Good job with the event you got quite a few people online!
    1. Leo


      thanks <3
  8. Got any events planned?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lolcatpink


      Oh wonderful
    3. Leo


      @[2813:@lolcatpink] event coming up tomorrow!
    4. lolcatpink


      Thanks for the heads up
  9. Let's all listen to this wonderful man https://m.soundcloud.com/zexo-1/drunk-kuma-full
  10. Does anyone else remember Drunk kuma? aha
    1. Matvyn


      Drunk karaoke kuma is best kuma c:
    2. lolcatpink


      We need to start up the drunk karaoke again
  11. Perhaps this one is the girl iv been searching for? Is she really. Perhaps today's the day I find out.
  12. Life is all but a dream, with less possibility.
  13. Wait, you seem familiar...
    1. lolcatpink


      yes, yes i am familiar known you for a long ass time
    2. Tero


      R.I.P. my memory
    3. lolcatpink


      Like oldddddddddd
  14. New faces old people
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