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  1. welp.. now im your friend apparently... hey
    1. Vrael


      Hello, do I know you?
    2. RainofBlackTears


      No... but.. here itll be easier this way.. https://forum.age-of-aincrad.com/threads/the-first-pseudo-annual-aincrad-census.3962/#post-106137 Look at friends list and search for your name..
  2. The prostitute spat fire
    1. Treyhax


      Quality lyrics right there m9.
  3. Got back from Yosemite yesterday... amazing.
  4. I'll be traveling to Yosemite for five days. . . thunder storms are predicted.
    1. Draulon


      Dude that is like my favorite place in the world. Definitely check out El Capitan and Dog Lake!
    2. Vrael


      Hey do you know why the VIP name changer doesn't work for me even though I'm VIP? And yes, I plan to make it a great experience.
  5. I like ur vip m8
  6. "The first draft of anything is shit." -Ernest Hemmingway
  7. Feeling really excited and giddy for no apparent reason.
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