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  1. wow ok buddy ill r emember that

  2. u ok buddy?

    1. mutt


      i dunno man im just not satisfied with the situation right now ?


  3. yeah whats up guys its me

    1. mutt


      waddup dawg

  4. still miss you ?

  5. come back, man. we love you!

  6. thank you for existing, my life is so much better with you @AsaYoh

  7. thanks for liking my msgs

    lub u

  8. Bruh.. delete your banner for the sake of everyone

    1. VectorAlpha


      Its the worst thing ever, the fact that you cannot appreciate it seems like a you problem though, just sayin.

    2. Kevin


      Maybe I am just too old to appreciate this kind of art

    3. Stluffy


      whats wrong with it? This was me in 2000

  9. im back and cookin

    1. VectorAlpha


      what you cookin?

    2. Stluffy


      @VectorAlphacooking up some sadness and sorrow for tomorrow

    3. VectorAlpha
  10. Fine I'll allow it

    1. Stluffy


      @Ryun WIll you allow me to take your hand ?

    2. VectorAlpha


      life isnt worth living and its all your fault @Stluffy

  11. @LeoHow you doing, my bro?


    1. KTV
    2. Leo


      I'm feeling pretty fly for a white guy

    3. Leo


      @KTV stfu you half assed kirito wannabe

  12. so, you got an alt on the dc? maybe you should make one

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kevin




    3. VectorAlpha


      Incredible job slutty, 10/10

    4. Denian


      Meh, there are some oldtimers we basically expect to have alt accounts. It's not exactly allowed, but some of them have amused us enough with their multi person roleplay (especially back in shoutbox times) that it's more of a "don't get caught" rule. And don't use alts to circumvent rules or sanctions, because that annoys us and tempts us to spontaneously turn a temporary ban or mute into a permaban or IP ban - and yes, that has happened before.

      We do prefer people not using alts at all, though.

  13. you also banned here?

    1. VectorAlpha


      negative chief, still very much alive round here.

  14. Posiv Wednesday
    60/10 would posiv again.

    1. Stluffy



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