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  1. Happy bday salad
  2. Happy Birthday Krusty!
  3. Happy birthday Glac ^^
    1. Glacyn


      :D Thank you Mat!
  4. Happy creation day, bot
  5. Happy bday Andy :)
  6. I'll take the task of Herald upon me. Happy birthday Den!
    1. Denian


      Such an honor, to have the heralds announce the anniversary of my birth. Many thanks, esteemed herald.
  7. Happy birthday little pear o7
    1. Senji


      Thanks Puddi! :Puddi:7
  8. Don't let the flowers kill ya, also, happy birthday
  9. Happy birthday aussie :doge:
    1. Kali


      Thanks bby ❤
  10. Happy birthday drau ouo
  11. Happy birthday Eskwyra :^)
    1. Eskwyre


      forgot this shit even had my birthday on it m8888888888888888
  12. Happy birthday duckbot :^)
  13. Happy birthday Maria ouo
    1. MariaWalker


      I just saw it. thank you <3
  14. Happy birthday decafe ^^
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