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  1. Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me
  2. Annnd the results are in! Kaze's baby name iiiiiisssss Age of Aincrad ™. Congrats!!! Make to congratulate Kaze xD
  3. Kaze's Baby Names Strawpoll https://www.strawpoll.me/10389234
  4. Every miserable day is swell, a high-speed swing surrounds us What's this dance called? I can't stop… This melody… is like love.
  5. Transistor why are you so good? xD
  6. My poker face be like...
  7. https://theotaku.com/quizzes/view/3760/what_type_of_dere_are_you%3F_
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zeke
    3. Glacyn


    4. DualReload


      Yay Ieyasu has a new friend now. LOL
  8. I came back from the dead. I AM NOW A ZAMBIE
  9. Where are you? .-.
    1. DualReload


      I am no where, jk
  10. Wow Im actually surprised people watch KHR besides me
    1. Klodian


      Ye... one of the best anime imo
    2. DualReload
  11. Watched episode 24 of Clannad.............. I WANT TO CRY SO BADLY BUT I CANT IDK WHY!!!!
    1. HennecAsdf


      Afterstory is SO much better
    2. DualReload


      Planning to watch it when Kissanime comes back up. cant wait!
  12. T_T Im not going to be on as often..... school T-T. Just wait, I will still be here.
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    2. Ieyasu


      I got one more year, well, i hope. Depends on exam tomorrow .-.
    3. deniborz


      Well, kick that exam's ass!
    4. DualReload


      T-T It just started
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