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  1. KTV

    True Chad

    P O S I V
    O N L Y
    S I R

  2. True chad, well made most of the time and great memes.
    9/10, but since its posiv wednesday im raising that to a 65/10 would meme again.

  3. Are you well done tonight?

    1. Kasegawa
    2. Steak


      I AM BUT spacer.png

    3. Pheryna


      No way... are you.. perhaps... tender as well?! Such.. power!

  4. STEEEEEEAAAAK! /Wave hi!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Saturos


      All the time because... its my node

    3. Steak


      so these vip colors actually meant something lol

    4. Saturos


      yes, yes they did. Granted more will update as well once discord gets moved with forum I Think

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