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  1. my phone isa so ded so ill check in maybe 6 times a year.
  2. My phone is not ded so I'm gonna still be active
  3. my phone is ded so im gonna be inactive.
  4. This is good.
  5. "The thing I hate the most is when people lie, even if it's unintentional."
    1. Revan3917


      Lies... All Lies
  6. Watching through angel beats again. I really liked it the first time.
  7. ALDNOAH just got unclean. Had to wait till the 4th episode before anything bad showed up. Ah well, it's still has very little cussing.
    1. luigiFTW


      Yeah. It's great. Remove that shower scene and it would be excellent.
  8. ALDNOAH.zero might be the cleanest anime I've watched. And that is weird because it has mass genoside in it.
    1. Thaum


      That means you skipped Alderamin on the Sky?
    2. luigiFTW


      After I finish ALDNOAH I'll come back to it.
    3. luigiFTW


      Sorry thaum, I can't watch any further knowing that the main character is gonna be a perv and make me feel gross inside. The review is updated.
  9. I am filled with joy and the Breath of the Wild.
  10. Breath of the wild is so close. Breathe it in.
  11. This Valentine's Day I'm gonna play video games by myself.
  12. Much talent in the story writing section of this forum.
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