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  1. sombody make "gun gal online "
    1. Matvyn


      Try "The Division", that's an mmorpg with guns :v
    2. Denian


      You misunderstand, Mat - the missing "e" is deliberate. The "gal" part is important.
    3. Tokikaze


      For a second, I read "gal gun online"...what?
  2. Iam still alive
  3. Let make a party and go kill a floor boss code name illyon
  4. H stand for hazardous T for toxins but HT stands for hairy toad, search for it they do exist and its rare
  5. english | hsilgne
  6. no rest for the wicked
  7. Bozz is bad at 2 PM , Sleep FTW
  8. Bozz & hanabi FTW
  9. why , why i am here ?????
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zeke


      My recent time since moving. ^
    3. sherou


      oh , xD actually i just got to my own home this week , i was with a roommate
    4. Zeke


      Sweeyut OcO how is it?
  10. what is the thing/object that is similar to a vampire , that humans use in daily life ?
    1. Zeke


    2. sherou


      xD i like where your mind is going , but i was thinking about like injection needle :D
  11. don't eat your keyboard
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