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Status Updates posted by Storm

  1. If all you're good for is breathing in and out, then even an AC unit is more useful than you.
  2. Belgium, at long last, re-united.
    1. Guerrak


      21st: Storm arrives at Belgium, 22nd: terror attacks. Coincidence? :kappa:
    2. Taylor
  3. Don't judge me on my bad habits. I could pick out every flaw of yours and unearth all your imperfections
  4. Back in Belgium <3
    1. Matvyn


      Welcome back ^^
  5. In Japan; won't be active for a while <3
    1. Matvyn


      See you in a few months then, have fun ^^
    2. Anon
  6. Once you taste poison, you might as well finish the meal. If it comes to that you would make as fine a dish as any.
  7. [IMG]https://i58.tinypic.com/dpd6w9.gif[/IMG]
  8. [IMG]https://i58.tinypic.com/dpd6w9.gif[/IMG]]
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