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  1. If all you're good for is breathing in and out, then even an AC unit is more useful than you.
  2. Hano

    I seem to be late. Happy Birthday Storm.
  3. Jumping the train. Happy birthday
  4. hay-p birth-day!
  5. Happy Birthday (still june 7th here, i'm totally not late!)
  6. Anon

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Well, happy birthday Stormy (now, go make some drawings owo )
    1. Storm


      RIP I was really hoping for it to go unnoticed... How does one even notice ones birthday?
    2. Matvyn


      By being know by others owo (or just check the member list, it says who's birthday it is)
    3. Storm
  8. Belgium, at long last, re-united.
    1. Guerrak


      21st: Storm arrives at Belgium, 22nd: terror attacks. Coincidence? :kappa:
    2. Taylor
  9. how is deadpool
  10. C-S

    1. Storm


      For what? You're welcome?
    2. C-S


      for the hate,if you hadn't had told me that then i would have continued doing the same half-ass drawings,thanks to you i have gone back and fixed my mistakes,and with the positives thin gs you said i can now get better at what i do.
    3. Storm


      Haha no worries, it's what I do and don't mind doing ^_^
  11. Leo

    Going to tokyo huh?
    1. Storm


      Not that I know off? o.o 4th of January I'll be leaving towards my house in Japan again but that's near Osaka not Tokyo
  12. Don't judge me on my bad habits. I could pick out every flaw of yours and unearth all your imperfections
  13. https://lichess.org/ceCyVZUn Can't get enough of u xD
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Storm


      The Déjà vu
    3. Zeke


      It feels like I've seen this before. I call it Déjà vu because the day I remember seeing it on, my vision was all blurry, and my mind was all fuzzy, like they frequently get. If it wasn't for that unfortunate fact, I would probably know for sure, but I certainly remember the maroon of your username, plus Shinjiro's profile picture; I also made the constant mistake of clicking on the link a bunch of times.
    4. Storm


      Haha weird, but awesome :o
  14. Back in Belgium <3
    1. Matvyn


      Welcome back ^^
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