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  1. Is it time to return.

  2. Yo, you liked Kuroko no basuke, right? The movie came out, called the last game. You gotta watch it, it's awesome.
    1. Anon


      Oh I forgot that movie was coming out I will watch it sometime this week.
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Are you still alive my friend?
  5. Are you still alive my friend?
    1. Anon


      Yes just on discord mostly now
  6. Happy birthday
    1. Nizza


      Thank you :3
  7. So I started to read ToG and... now I'm totally hooked on it and I can't stop reading it. I'm on the Hell Train Arc right now. Nice Urek Mazino pic btw.
    1. Nitoryu


      Right! It's such a good series. From a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate Rachel? Lol
    2. Thaum


      Lol, certainly does a good job of making me hate her. Maybe around... 7-8?
    3. Nitoryu


      Best thing is that the whole community hates her and everyone loves Rak lol
  8. Happy birthday
    1. Thaum


      Thanks mate
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. ToG is so damn good.
  11. Happy birthday Ni- oh wait, apparently I'm not allowed to speak your name, lol
    1. Nitoryu


      Thank you! It's allowed to be spoken for today xD
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