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  • Birthday 12/18/2000

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  1. ehhh happybirthdy! nice vip.. where can i get :Keepo:
    1. Gyrindaul


      No idea. Think it's only for a 24 hour period.
    2. Denian


      Exactly. Birthday Boy/Girl/Child VIP lasts from 4:20 AM UTC on your birthday until the same time the day after.
  2. bid thee happy birthday
  3. O.o happy late bday! Dont kill me and rez pls!
  4. Happy Birthday person who got 2 name changes...
    1. Assassin


      XD Thank you Rain :D
  5. Jumping the train. Happy birthday
  6. I can see clearly now the rain(of-black-tears) has gone, I can see all obstacles in my way!
    1. RainofBlackTears


      Wut im still here...
  7. oh the one day i come on.. nice happy birthday
  8. happy plebday... jk happy birthday
  9. a-are you...a bot?
  10. Happy birthday Cormac
  11. Heh Happy Birthday....
  12. welp.. now im your friend apparently... hey
    1. Vrael


      Hello, do I know you?
    2. RainofBlackTears


      No... but.. here itll be easier this way.. https://forum.age-of-aincrad.com/threads/the-first-pseudo-annual-aincrad-census.3962/#post-106137 Look at friends list and search for your name..
  13. I guess im your friend.. hey friend!
  14. Apparently im your freind.. hey friend!
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