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  • Birthday 08/07/1989
  1. Happy New Year Guys and Girls!! I'm still alive.... If you guys even remember me... School is hard so I haven't really been on.
  2. Just wanna share this art by a friend of mine,It's Sans from Undertale. https://yenbai.deviantart.com/art/UNDERTALE-SANS-humanized-598364564
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. XxSilverLotusxX


      Thanks..It's great to see people appreciate my friend's work..XD..
    3. Anon


      Well it is pretty amazing xD
    4. XxSilverLotusxX


      Thanks Again..XD..
  3. I'm Beginning to get addicted to Vocaloid..Hmm..WHere have I been this whole time..
  4. Happy Valentines Day! ^ U ^
    1. XxSilverLotusxX


      Happy Valentines Day too my lovely tero..XOXO..
  5. Will you be my Valentine? :3 xoxo
    1. XxSilverLotusxX


      *Transforms to a Girl* Sure thing Cupcakes..XOXO
    2. Tero
  6. Lolis are not kids!They are just bite-size women..Lolicon..XD
    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. XxSilverLotusxX


      You've got a point...But I wouldn't go that far..I'm only interested in Lolis in anime, in real life I prefer girls of my age..SO yeah..
    3. Zeke


      I guess that makes sense.
    4. XxSilverLotusxX


      I don't really know why people are so obsessed with kids in real life,Like I don't get the point..In Anime I can relate since they are so cute but In real life?Nope..Big NOPE..XD
  7. Damn Charlotte is so good got me hooked instantly since episode 1..Was gonna watch Guilty Crown but episode 1 didn't hook me up..XD
  8. Here we go,Just lose control and let your body give in,To the beat,Of your heart as my hand touches your skin
  9. I'm too soft as a person..Even High School DxD makes me teary eyed..
  10. Accel World is having a season 2..XD..More Silver Crow..More Black Lotus..More SilverLotus!!..Mwahahaha..
  11. I have a strong Obsession for Rory Mercury..XD
  12. Were now following each other. Must be faith <3
    1. XxSilverLotusxX


      Faith has been with us since the day we met which was yesterday..<3
  13. Of all the girls in Tokyo Ghoul,I fell in Love with Rize...I don't know why but I find her attractive minus the Ghoul Side of her..XD
  14. The Meaning of Grammar is The Difference between Knowing Your SH*T and Knowing You're Sh*t..XD
    1. Zeke


      I like the one with: Let's eat, Grandma! and Let's eat Grandma!
    2. Paawan Tono

      Paawan Tono

      Wat if they not have Sh*t :doge:
    3. XxSilverLotusxX


      Then they probably don't have a life if they don't have Sh*t..Maybe i'm one of those people...XD
  15. Exams!!I need to be serious..XD
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