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  3. wow ok buddy ill r emember that

  4. mutt

    salam aleykum

  5. u ok buddy?

    1. mutt


      i dunno man im just not satisfied with the situation right now 😠


  6. 𓎳 𓏨 𓎿 𓋘 𓇲 𓃠

  7. sup

    1. mutt
    2. Saturos


      Just lurking as always. Panda cheese

    3. mutt


      feelin it

  8. Waddup guys!

    1. Blacky


      You gotta pop into Discord more 😂

      I'll set you up with ranks and secret channel permissions in there, send me a PM whenever you want.

  9. hype is still here!!

  10. yeah whats up guys its me

    1. mutt


      waddup dawg

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  12. Really would like someone to give an update. Seems like the project fully died off? This was big back then in my friend group. Hope someone sees this, thanks.

    1. rasmus15951


      Forum is not very active atm. I suggest you join the discord, it's very active and updates are made pretty frequently (as well as spontaneous live streams)

  13. still miss you 😞

  14. Orang

    1. Crusty



  15. Shoutbox when?

    1. Kali


      no idea yet, currently our discord is the shoutbox.

  16. Why can't I add a topic to guild recruiting? I want to create my own guild!

  17. para cuando el juego mas o menos? 

  18. 420 is fancy af

  19. So i knew AoA from 4 years ago and i've wait that time for the game, but just today joined to the forum... Heya all!


    PD: Still waiting hahahaspacer.png

    1. Polkulotz


      Welcome to the world of Blades and Mystery. 

    2. Kasegawa



  20. god i feel old

    1. Pheryna


      Aren't we all feeling the same

    2. Kali


      omg mikey is alive

  21. Country roaaaaaads

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Pheryna


      Ah yes, someone who appreciates the beauty of cliffs. May I introduce to you my guild, the Rock Reich?

    3. Kasegawa


      My home is a crumbling cliff

    4. mutt
  22. Literally nothing, just watching sao for the 10th time!

  23. Aight so basically, am monkee

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