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  2. Gaming

    1. Kevin


      What are you, some kind of gamer?

  3. bring back the post a thread

  4. Joined March 2015 and am not an old-timer?.? When do we graduate to one haha

    1. Blacky


      I believe it was a title given to people who joined the original forums back in 2013. The cooler titles are for being active on Discord when you have time 💖

    2. Caesar


      He lies oldtimers are cool 😭

    3. Kevin


      Oldtimers unite!

  5. Happyy New year!

  6. I hope you're all doing well!

  7. SAO:Progressive who?

  8. I just killed 2 kids at a park, what do i do 

  9. I was probably 13 or 14 when I joined. I am almost 22 now.

    I'm happy to see things are still going just fine!

    This... is very surreal.

  10. saludos a todos siguen vivos?

  11. Man! september 25! this is my sixth year here as a member of this wonderfull project, thanks to you guys, it's nice to feel like I've been part of this great project. I wish this project of yours to be successful one day. ?

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