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  • Closed Guild  ·  21 members

    It's the nº1 Party Anthem bby. Home of The Banhammer Wielders and Friends.

  • Closed Guild  ·  2 members

    The 47th Legion is a military themed, North American based player association which specializes in frontline combat and many crafts. We are also only a detachment of the 47th legion and the main body of the unit is playing other games. The 47th prides itself on professionalism and esprit de corps and our officers work tirelessly to instill these qualities into our recruits. Teamwork and collective effort are mantras the 47th lives by. We move as a unit, fight as unit, and live as unit. We have no room for selfish or undisciplined players in our ranks.

  • Read Only Guild  ·  1 member

    It's just a big fucking shellfish

  • Public Guild

    This guild hasn't provided a description.
  • Public Guild

    We do not discriminate against anyone apart from normies and kpop stans.
  • Closed Guild  ·  37 members

    We are a guild based off of Code Geass' Black Knights. We are slightly militaristic but we still have fun and act like one big family. We are mainly a frontline/PvE guild and will be on the hardcore server. We have branches for many different play-styles and accept a wide range of players.

  • Open Guild  ·  8 members

    Only true rock lovers can become a Kamerad of the Reich.

  • Open Guild  ·  15 members

    Reject GF, return Friendzone

  • Open Guild  ·  7 members

    Welcome to Debuachery Tea Party, a guild that has been operating within AoA since 2015! We're a guild based on the non hardcore server, focusing primarily on PVE , FRONTLINE, MERCENARY, and SOCIAL work in the game. We respect all, no matter their race, creed, religio, etc, so you are welcome into our guild no matter your walk of life! If you need to ask us a question, feel free to pop our guild leader, or one of our members, a message - we will happily help you the best we can. A big thank you for taking your time to read all this out! ~ This message was brought to you by Little Red (Pumpkikin)

  • Closed Guild  ·  2 members

    Secret secret shh shh
  • Closed Guild  ·  1 member

    Militant PK - Bounty Hunting - Foreign Relations - Trading - Paid Protection & Escort - Banking

  • Read Only Guild  ·  2 members

    This guild hasn't provided a description.

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